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News October 2015 - A note from our Chairman Derek Picot

The Amicale is growing every year and we have now reached a point where a large amounts of money are being required for deposits for the various activities we want to undertake.  Each event carries a degree of risk as we deposit funds on an assumption that numbers will match our estimates.  
The committee wishes to have sufficient funds to be able to take risk in its planned events and also to have monies to develop the website, maintain the database and provide an honorarium for the arduous tasks of Secretary and Treasurer.
I have noted that only a small proportion of Gastronomes regularly pay their subscription and that some have attended events who have not paid in the year they enjoy our reunions.  In addition the ratio of outside guests to gastronomes and their partners has been greater, and I am proposing that guests should be charged a premium to members.
By supporting the amendments to our Articles the Amicale can grow further with a stable financial background, have a reasonable amount of funds on deposit and be able to afford the necessary upgrades we need to keep our membership informed and future events organised. Please see below the proposed amendments to be put to the vote at the upcoming AGM on 12  November at Mossimans:


The Committee’s Proposed Resolutions for Amendments to the Articles


Article 7. Guests  It is proposed that a Guest Charge be levied on the cost of the published event for members with two or more guests.  Suggested additional sentence:-  “ Other than a member’s principal guest a Guest Charge, of an amount determined by the Committee, will be charged for each additional guest attending that event.”


Article 8.  Membership Fees  It is proposed that members attending an event who have not paid a subscription in the year they wish to attend an event, shall be required to pay that current year’s subscription.  Suggested additional sentence:-  “Although membership is not determined by payment of a subscription those members who have not paid the subscription by 1st April, in the year they wish to attend an event, shall be required to pay the full annual  subscription at least 4 weeks in advance of the event.”  Failure to do so may result in the booking not being honoured.” 




Virgina Masser is our President for 2015. Throughout a successful year there are some great events still to come for 2015. Please have a look at the future events page for further details. 

As ever, if you have any news or would like to perhaps pose a question to the committee or membership, then do please let us know via Savoy Gastronomes Committee


Best wishes,

The Committee